Words from the wise from sheknows article

Ditch your closets full of skin care lotions and potions. According to dermatologists, simplicity and consistency are the keys to fresh and youthful skin. As skin experts, dermatologists are a little picky about the products they use for their own skin care routines. Each of the dermatologists we spoke with have a slightly different approach to their beauty regimens, but they all place a high value on consistency, simplicity and you guessed it sunscreen. Stick with a high quality product line. According to Dr. Joel Schlessinger, it's important not to overwhelm yourself with the number of products available on the skin care market. "There are many excellent products", he says, "but I use just four in my normal skin care routine".

Words from the wise from sheknows article

Keep your entire body healthy. Dr. Komal Pandya states that healthy skin starts from the inside out. “The most important advice I can give is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle like avoiding pro-inflammatory foods and getting enough exercise can have tremendous positive effects on your skin,” she says. In the mornings, Pandya uses a cleanser for sensitive skin, and applies antioxidant serum and sunscreen before putting on her makeup. At night, she uses prescription-strength retinoid to improve her skin’s texture and the appearance of fine lines and pores. Bottom line: Don’t skimp on eating healthy and exercising for maximum results. Obagi Nu-Derm Cleanser. SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic Serum.

Find a gentle cleanser. Dr. Angela J. Lamb of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai washes with a foaming facial cleanser in the morning and applies a light moisturizer before putting on her makeup. “I use EltaMD, but you can also use a gentle cleanser like CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser,” she says. When nighttime rolls around, she removes her makeup with the gentle cleanser and then tops her skin with a retinoid treatment and moisturizer. When her skin needs exfoliation, she swears by the Clarisonic Plus. More than anything, it’s important to keep your skin clean and fresh, and regularly slough off dull and dead skin cells. EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser. EltaMD AM Therapy Moisturizer. EltaMD PM Therapy Moisturizer. Claristonic Plus. All of the dermatologists we spoke with highlighted the importance of sunscreen in your daily skin care routine.

The Derm Group Sponsors Livesunsmart Gala

The Derm Group’s Founder and Medical Director Dr. Danny Groisser was one of the  featured speakers at the annual LIVESUNSMART Gala, which took place at the picturesque Maritime Parc in Jersey City. Dr. Groisser and the evening’s top honoree, Dr. Boris Leshniak, Acting Surgeon General of The United States, both spoke about the importance of melanoma prevention.  Dr. Groisser is the Medical Director of LiveSunSmart, a non-profit organization dedicated to sun protection education.  Dr. Leshniak (also a dermatologist) talked about his dedication to dramatically reduce this preventable disease.  Dr. Groisser stressed the importance of regular skin exams.  For more information visit.

Rejuvapen our newest Secret

The latest tool in our extensive anti-aging arsenal is quickly becoming our favorite go-to skin treat.  REJUVAPEN is an aesthetic treatment based on the ancient art of microneedling.  Microscopic needles create micro-channels which trigger a collagen and elastin-building fibroblast response, while allowing  topical ingredients to penetrate deeply within the dermis, where the active ingredients can deliver their benefits at the deepest layer.  What does that mean?  Your skin will be firmer and smoother.  Superficial scars can be significantly smoothed.  Pores will appear smaller,  and skin appears luminous.  Virtually everyone who has tried this treatment is a believer.

Treatments are offered by our incredible licensed aestheticians Melissa, Courtney and Chris.  A single session is $350, and four treatments are recommended for optimal results.  Best bet: opt for our DELUXE PACKAGE, which includes four treatments and a mini-chem-peel at initial appointment  – price $1100 (value $1475).  SCHEDULING NOTES: You will be numbed before the treatment to ensure your comfort.  You will be “rosy” for 24-48 hours following your session, so please plan accordingly.

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