A new campus lifestyle - Creston House

A new campus lifestyle will soon be available at the REACH on Thompson Rivers University. TRU is creating a new way of living that will appeal to people of all ages and all walks of life. Similar to UBC and SFU, Thompson Rivers University is entering a new world, a world that combines an elevated lifestyle in a community full of life and diversity.

Cape Group of Vancouver, an innovative, family-owned business, has been chosen to construct the first project on campus to appeal to this new lifestyle. Creston House will provide 56 upscale units designed to fit into the university landscape with beautiful views of the campus and the Thompson River Valley. It’s a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the new master-planned community at TRU.

Cape Group President Reisa Schwartzman is ecstatic about the new development. “Our company is all about building relationships,” she says. “We build projects to last. We want people to associate our company with someone who’s built something of quality, built with great pride, and something which will provide a great quality of living.”

Creston House is designed to create an atmosphere for anyone who enjoys the vibrant campus lifestyle.  “Kamloops is a great place to live,” enthuses Schwartzman, “the campus is in a great location overlooking the valley, and these quality homes will allow people to enjoy the lifestyle, as well as enriching the university.”

The project will feature a mixed plan of one, two and three bedroom units on four floors. Schwartzman says the units, all well-priced, will appeal to empty-nesters, those wanting their first homes, people who want to downsize, university professors who want to be close to their work, and to investors who may want to rent to students. “The campus has a really enticing environment, the location is beautiful, and you don’t have to be an academic to live there.”  Schwartzman adds “this building is well-designed, it has secure underground parking, FOB entry, secure elevators and all the amenities.”

The floor plans are well designed while the architecture is inspired by the work of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Schwartzman says they’ve spent a lot of time on each of the floor plans, trying to maximize the impact of each unit and thinking ahead to the needs of the people who are going to use it. That’s not something that’s done overnight, but Schwartzman says that’s part of what Cape Group considers when designing a project. “It’s not just about selling, it’s about creating something that will give people a wonderful lifestyle.”

There is a choice of colours for those buying early, and there are three levels of appliances so owners can choose what fits into their needs, and their budgets. 40 percent of the units have already been sold, so it’s pretty clear that this is something that appeals to a wide variety of people. The project is being handled by realtor Brendan Shaw, and a Sales Centre has been set up at 109 Victoria Street in downtown Kamloops. For those who need more information contact 250-319-4737 or email [email protected].

The Cape Group is no stranger to unique projects like this one. Ralph Schwartzman, who founded the company in 1956, brought the first Automall to Canada, located in Richmond, BC. They developed tilt-up warehousing, now a standard in the industry built some of the first high-rise buildings in Coquitlam, and have been at the forefront of construction and development since its inception. Schwartzman says “my dad believes it wasn’t only about the money you made, it was about the community and relationships you built.” Schwartzman believes her dad was on the right track, and she continues those ideals, as does her son, who is the third generation of family members involved in the company.

“We’ve developed this project looking at the legacy, and what will be here for people 20 years down the road, “ Schwartzman says. “Every step of the way we’ve had a team looking at what was best for the project, the university, the community and the potential owners. Everything we’ve done is to create something that not only we’ll be proud of, but that the University can point to with pride, as they continue to grow, and the lifestyle vision they hope to create starts right here with Creston House.“

-              Written by CFJC Today staff with files and information supplied by The Cape Group.

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